Sonar Behavior Clinic

Care for your Psychiatric Illness and Mental Wellness

Sonar Behavior Clinic strives to make it easier for every person to access a licensed psychiatric provider, who will assess, diagnose, and treat your psychiatric and mental health needs with excellence. And all from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Simply answer a few short questions, and select a date and time that works best for you to chat with one of our Licensed Prescribers via Phone or Video.

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Providing Prescription Virtually

Simply by clicking on your computer or talking over the phone, One of our Licensed Prescribers at Sonar Behavior Clinic can evaluate, diagnose, and will discuss a treatment plan that can best help you manage your mental illness and medications.

Our Online Prescribers can then discuss and prescribe safe, and evidence based prescriptions if needed, and have them sent to the pharmacy of your choice. No need to drive to the doctor’s office, or leave your home.

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Our Goal

at Sonar Behavior Clinic is to deliver quality treatments and effective management of your Psychiatric Illness.

We look forward to caring for you and strive to be the first and best choice for your Mental Wellness. You deserve to feel Good Again.

Sonar Behavior Clinic Treats a range of Common Psychiatric Illnesses

 No Need to worry, Sonar Behavior Clinic has Licensed and Certified Providers who provide evidence based treatment plans that can help you manage your Psychiatric Illness, with a goal of preventing relapse or exacerbation.

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Just like the Ebb and Flow of Ocean waves, our mind and our mental health is very similar.

Sometimes the waves are calm, and sometimes the waves come crashing in uncontrollably. There is no stopping the waves, or our minds. But there are ways that we can help you reclaim and restore back balance to your inner Sonar. 

At Sonar Behavior Clinic, we understand this delicate balance, and also understand the constant ebb and flow, and how important convenience is to helping you manage your mental wellness.

This is why we created our Online Tele-Psych Clinic that offers quick and convenient appointments with Licensed and Certified Providers. Sonar Behavior Clinic will partner with you to effectively manage your Psychiatric Illness and  achieve your optimum quality of life. 

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Getting Help

Has Never Been Easier

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Take back control of your Life and Mental Health